kazuma kubota - utsuroi LP

For ten years, Kazuma Kubota has been mastering his blend of harsh noise and ambient and Utsuroi is no exception. Originally released as a limited edition cassette in 2015 by Amethyst Sunset. From the opening murky industrial stomp of "Kizu", Kubota's layers a perfect mix of noise which leads to a perfectly crafted mix of ambient and cut up harsh noise on "Wasurenagusa". The second side of the record features a side-long shoegaze that displays why Kazuma Kubota is becoming a well-known name in the noise scene and will be remembered as one of the greats carrying the torch of the Japanese noise scene for many years to come. Recorded at Studio Bass On Top, Ikebukuro, Tokyo 2014.

Edited and mixed at Bedroom 2014-2015.
Mastered by Joe Panzner
Limited to 250 / Download code included with vinyl



Outer Space - Gemini Suite LP

Outer Space have returned for their first new material since 2014's "Phantom Center" released on Editions Mego. Gemini Suite is one long beautiful lush thirty minute piece split over two sides fit for aiding in sleep, late night meditations, and long drives on I-71.

Mastered by Neel. Gemini Suite is limited to a strict 350 copies.
digital download included.
Dedicated to the Brown family



available from forced exposure

digital available at bandcamp


aaron dilloway - "songs about jason" 10"

Originally released in limited edition of forty copies for a solo/duo show with Jason Lescalleet in 2013, the audio has been remastered wonderfully by Jason and pressed to vinyl in a run of 500 for worldwide release.
Two side long pieces presented by the Hanson Records master of tape loops build from a disorienting melodic wooziness to a darker ambient drone that leave you drowning with an ear splitting destruction in crystal lake.
500 copies in antique green paper sleeves.

digital version available from hanson records


vinyl also
available from forced exposure

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Sean McCann - Sincere World CD

cd version of sean mccann's 'sincere world'
contains two additional tracks not on the vinyl version..

"Listening to new work from Sean McCann is always an exciting prospect. Go far back into this young pioneer's catalog and you'll without a doubt uncover a collection of music as diverse as it is long. What you may also notice is the consistency with which Sean portrays himself. His music is always fearless, frank and personal. Sincere World is another turn toward Sean's signature earnestness. Open Resolve and The Capital, both cleverly laced with swirling filter manipulation and confounding superimposition of manic and sloth-like compositions, exposed us to a more playful side of McCann's persona. These works are on the surface a bit zany, but deeper down they still maintain a charming character—something that draws the listener in magically. Sincere World is the somber younger brother to these two. Sincere World is adrift on Badalamenti-like lethargy, skeptical of the world around and unsure of what to do about it. But despite his bashfulness, he is every bit as charming and perhaps even more so, for there are no rough edges on him. In six movements, Sean takes us from under the bed to behind the bleachers and finally, to the bottom of the sea. Recorded mostly in 2009, Sincere World has after two years in hiding, finally mustered the audacity to come out into the open. This is the world Sean McCann lives in, and I want to do everything I can to live there too." - Michael Jantz


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everyday loneliness - false validations

limited to 300 copies

full length vinyl lp from jon borges' quaduruple removed re-recontexualizations of cassette and digitally recorded sources

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"Amethyst Sunset is extremely proud to present the final document produced by 1958-2009. Matthew Sullivan (Earn/Ekhein) and Alex Twomey (Mirror to Mirror /Jugular Forest) provide us with the most beautiful guitar/synth ballads recorded on the one year anniversary of the death of the King of Pop. All brand new material and not released on any of the previously released cassettes. Limited to 350 copies on black vinyl."