AS-001 - ajilvsga - "red crow" lp (sold out)

AS-002 - mist - "mist" lp (sold out)

AS-003 - sean mccann - "sincere world" lp (available now)

AS-005 - keith fullerton whitman / mike shiflet - "070325 b/w 080409" lp (available now)

AS-007 - mist - "glowing net" lp (sold out)

AS-008 - providien - "followed by a wraith" lp (available now)

AS-009 - 1958-2009 lp (available now)

AS-010 - hny - "here you can touch the sky" lp (available now)

AS-013 - imaginary softwoods - "the path of spectrolite" lp (available now)

AS-015 - government alpha - 7" (coming soon)


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